Record Retention Guidelines

  • There is a designated record retention person at each school and/or department.

    Contact Student Services 864-1034 for directions on boxing up "STUDENT FILES" including the following “Student File” categories: CUM folders, Student Intervention Folders, Due Process Folders, and Student Health Folders.

    Trò chơi bài chất lượng caoAll other records should be boxed using the following guidelines.

    Process overview

    • Use only District approved boxes
      • available through the pony service
    • Do NOT overfill the box
      • they need to be moveable 
    • Box items with similar retention codes
      • the 1st digit of the Auditor of State retention code  
    • Do NOT mix permanent records with temporary records
    • Use the District approved labels
      • available from the Treasurer’s Office
      • follow the directions on the label
    • Meet with the building designee to add the appropriate code and disposal information to the label
    • The full code from the label should be written on all sides of the box
      • allows for easy identification if the box is placed on the shelf backwards 
    • The building designee should enter a work order to have the records moved to the appropriate storage facility
    • The yellow copy of the label should be sent to the Treasurer's Office
    • The Treasurer's Office will request record disposal yearly

    Trò chơi bài chất lượng caoIf there are any questions that the building designee cannot answer, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 864-1040. 

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