Contracts for Services

  • All contracts for services require a contract that must be approved before duties can be performed. This does not apply to employees (see below).


    Trò chơi bài chất lượng caoAs long as the following "Princeton Consultant Contractual Agreement Non-Employee" (below) is filled out, contracts up to $1,000 requires only the approval of the Treasurer. 


    • Please fill out the form below titled "Princeton Consultant Contractual Agreement Non-Employee"
      • Be sure to fill out:
        • duties to be performed
        • dates of services
        • payment terms (not to exceed $1,000)
    • The consultant must then sign the contract and send it to the Treasurer.
    • Once approved the Treasurer will return a copy of the signed contract to the requestor.
    • A requisition should be submitted for the contract.


    Trò chơi bài chất lượng caoContracts that do not use Princeton's approved contract below and/or are over $1,000 require approval from the Board of Education. Two readings are necessary for Board approval; please plan accordingly.


    • Please submit the contract along with the form below titled "Contract Request Form"
    • Submit both forms in Word format to the Treasurer.
    • The contract will then be presented to the Board for a first and second reading.
    • Once approved the signed copy will be returned to the requestor for the consultants signature.
    • A requisition should be submitted for the contract.


    Trò chơi bài chất lượng caoOnce services are complete an invoice is required for payment. The form below titled "Certificate of Completion-Contractual Non-Employee" can be used for an invoice.


    Please note: If consultants are to be reimbursed for expenses, itemizedTrò chơi bài chất lượng cao receipts are required. A credit card slip with no detail is not acceptable.


    EmployeesTrò chơi bài chất lượng cao are paid through payroll; with the exception of reimbursements. Any additional duties and/or services performed must be approved by the Board of Education in advance. These additional duties/services are referred to as special projects, supplementals or stipends. Please contact CIA for additional information.

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