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    Quote from Greg Kesterman, Health Commissioner: 
    “I continue to be impressed with the hard work that all of our schools have done to maintain a safe environment,” writes Greg Kesterman, health commissioner at Hamilton County Public Health.  “School districts have worked with students, staff, and families to require masks, ensure proper distancing when possible, carefully assist HCPH with contact tracing, and enhanced cleaning protocols.  Since September 8, our schools have only reported 198 cases of COVID within their student population compared with 2,819 total cases in our jurisdiction. This low case count is testament to the adherence to carefully thought-out plans.  From what I have seen, our schools continue to be one of the safest, most well-controlled environments for our children.”
    It was requested during the superintendent call that I provide an update on cases.  Cases listed by school can be found on the State's website.  Here is the aggregate data for HCPH's schools, as reported to us: 
    Last 7 Days: Students 41, Staff 35
    September 8 - Present: Students 157, Staff 106

    Trò chơi bài chất lượng caoOctober 27, 2020 


    Based on Governor Mike DeWine’s October 22 press conference, Hamilton County is now in jeopardy of moving to purple in Ohio’s Public Health Advisory System

    One of the major things we have learned throughout the pandemic is that data must drive each school district's decision to change a learning platform. With that in mind, we continue to evaluate the data both in our schools and in our communities. 

    Last night at the special Board of Education meeting, I discussed the data and information we received from Governor DeWine and Greg Kesterman, the Hamilton County Health Commissioner.

    At this time, updates are being made to the district’s Safe Schools Reopening Plans to revise Princeton’s response if the county turns purple and only recommendations are made, not mandates to stay at home. Rather than going “full remote” if the Health Advisory System Plan turns purple, Princeton will continue to work with Hamilton County and the City of Springdale health departments to determine safe actions. 

    At this time, we will continue with hybrid learning, with our Scarlet and Gray alternating weeks. As has always been the case, parents have the choice to go full remote.  

    We will also continue to monitor data in our zip codes and in our schools, and we will let you know if any further changes will be made. Any decision that is made will be made from the litmus test of what is best for our students and staff.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to your school’s principal or contact me at tburton@vikingmail.org.

    Thank you for continuing to mask up, take temperatures, stay socially distant, and do your part to allow learning to continue in our school buildings.

    Go Vikes!

    Hola familias de Princeton,

    Este es el superintendente Tom Burton.

    Según la conferencia de prensa del gobernador Mike DeWine el 22 de octubre, el condado de Hamilton está ahora en peligro de pasar al morado en el Sistema de Asesoramiento de Salud Pública de Ohio.

    Una de las cosas principales que hemos aprendido durante la pandemia es que los datos deben impulsar la decisión de cada distrito escolar de cambiar una plataforma de aprendizaje. Con eso en mente, continuamos evaluando los datos tanto en nuestras escuelas como en nuestras comunidades.

    Anoche, en la reunión especial de la Junta de Educación, hablé de los datos y la información que recibimos del gobernador DeWine y Greg Kesterman, el comisionado de salud del condado de Hamilton.

    En este momento, se están realizando actualizaciones a los planes de reapertura de escuelas seguras del distrito para revisar la respuesta de Princeton si el condado se vuelve morado y solo se hacen recomendaciones, no mandatos de quedarse en casa. En lugar de volverse "completamente remoto" si el plan del sistema de asesoramiento de salud se vuelve morado, Princeton continuará trabajando con los departamentos de salud del condado de Hamilton y la ciudad de Springdale para determinar acciones seguras.

    En este momento, continuaremos con el aprendizaje híbrido, con nuestras semanas alternas de Scarlet y Grey. Como siempre ha sido el caso, los padres tienen la opción de ir completamente a distancia.

    También continuaremos monitoreando los datos en nuestros códigos postales y en nuestras escuelas, y le informaremos si se realizarán más cambios. Cualquier decisión que se tome se hará a partir de la prueba de fuego de lo que es mejor para nuestros estudiantes y personal.

    Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con el director de su escuela o comuníquese conmigo a tburton@vikingmail.org.

    Gracias por seguir ocultándose, tomando temperaturas, manteniéndose socialmente distante y haciendo su parte para permitir que el aprendizaje continúe en nuestros edificios escolares.

    ¡Vamos, Vikes!


Mr. Tom Burton

  • October 6, 2020

    Good evening!

    This is Tom Burton, your superintendent at Princeton City Schools, with several important reminders.

    First, a reminder that the Student Fall Break is Friday, October 9, through Monday, October 12.  There are no classes scheduled for any students, including remote learning, so please take advantage of this break from screen time and enjoy the fall weekend.

    Secondly, we will continue with our hybrid approach of alternating Scarlet and Gray weeks for the beginning of the second quarter. If it is determined that we can safely bring more students back, five days a week, we will give you a two-week notice about the schedule change.

    Speaking of schedule changes, we are changing the calendar for Wednesday, October 21, to be a remote learning day for all students rather than having a late start and early dismissal on an already shortened school day.  All students will have remote learning work to do.

    Fourth - and this one is a message for our fully remote parents and guardians - you will soon be getting important emails, so please keep an eye out for them. One includes the that you need to complete. For families who selected the remote learning for the first-semester option, you must complete an INTENTIONS form so we can schedule your child/children for the second semester.

    All parents can now access and update your forms on , our new electronic system, providing a one-stop service to you for updating paperwork in a simple and timely manner.

    Finally, I would like to encourage all parents, guardians, and community members to attend our next Parents & Community Educational Series on Tuesday, October 13, at 6:30 p.m. on Facebook Live.  The topic is “Anxiety in Children and Teens with a focus on COVID-19.” A panel of experts will offer information on warning signs, coping strategies, and support systems that you can access.

    As always, Go Vikes!

    Tom Burton

    Purple Star Awarded to Princeton High School 

    Purple Star Award



    Princeton City School District Safe Schools Reopening Plans - Fall 2020  


    Princeton’s hybrid fall plan limits schools to 50 percent capacity



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Tom Burton
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    Taking steps to meet students' basic needs, ensuring connectivity, and advancing innovation will be key to success this year
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